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What is a VNR (Video News Release) and where is Broadcast Video going?

A VNR is traditionally a press note for television broadcasters which includes footage and sound bites It’s distributed free to television stations and programs to use with their stories.
Today, it has become a new tool: online video for Internet, Youtube, blogs, online journals

The steps:
• Decide on your message and story board.
• Shoot it on broadcast quality video camera.
• Edit for television, as b-roll with selected footage and interviews and/or a possible 60 second edited feature.
• Arrange personalized distribution to broadcasters via tape, satelite services and our PRESS CENTER

Our PRESS CENTER allows for the media- from televisions to blogs and radios to download our material free of charge to the user and comes with personalized attention.

The footage package includes 1 minute edited material and b-roll in broadcast quality accompanied by a press note, time code and contact numbers for the personalization of the news story.

A vodcast is included for the online media, blogs, webs and all those interested in the material. An mp3 is also included for the radios.

A YouTube video is produced at the same time and a link is provided for the webs and blogs who prefer to use this service.


MEDIATOOLStv produces and distributes custom audio feeds and provides a news release service. An additional possibity is sound-bite conversion to mp3 for distribution via Internet to the radio programs of your choice, adding value for your message, multi-purpose and free for the user!



"1 out of 5 Spaniards would feel ashamed if their kid had lice"

18 televisions and agencies picked up our videos. Here are some examples of results:
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